Description of the supply areas and the respective designation of

  • Risk: Galicia (Spain) Low Risk
  • Risk: France. Low-Specific Risk

Reference to FSC risk assessment:


Risk Assessment for FSC Controlled Wood for Spain approved by FSC (FSC-NRA-ES V1-1), which is taken as a reference and which considers that the Risk Level of Spain is LOW RISK-SPECIFIC

Risk Assessment for FSC Controlled Wood for France approved by FSC (FSC-NRA-FR V1-0), which is taken as a reference and which considers that the Risk Level of France is LOW RISK-SPECIFIC

 The organization's risk assessment:

Last risk assessment dated May 2023, the Risk being low for all suppliers evaluated.

The procedure for filing complaints

For those complaints received regarding our Chain of Custody System (FSC), you must:

1) Issue to the complainant an acknowledgment of receipt of the claim, according to the Annex IV format of this procedure.The deadline for sending this acknowledgment of receipt to the complainant will be 2 weeks from the day the complaint is received

2) Collect and verify all the information necessary to evaluate and validate the claim, as well as make a decision about it

3) Formally communicate to the complainant the decision taken regarding their claim and the process for managing it. The term for the communication of these actions to the complainant will be 3 months. In the event that more time is required to complete the investigation, the complainant and the organization's certification body must be notified.

4) Ensure that the appropriate corrective and preventive measures are taken Once the claim has been satisfactorily closed, this circumstance will be communicated to the complainant and to the organization's certification body

5) Refer complaints related to risk designations in the relevant FSC risk assessment to the responsible entity and if this is not possible, the following should be done:

a) Conduct a preliminary assessment to determine whether the evidence provided in a complaint is substantial or not, by evaluating the evidence presented regarding the risk of using material from unacceptable sources

b) Establish a dialogue with the complainants, which has the purpose of resolving the complaints evaluated as substantial, before taking other actions

c) Refer substantive complaints to the certification body and to the FSC national office corresponding to the supply area, no later than two (2) weeks after receipt of the complaint. Information on the steps that the organization will take to resolve the complaint, as well as how a precautionary approach will be used, should be included with the complaint;

d) Employ a precautionary approach with respect to continued obtaining of relevant material, while a complaint is pending;

e) Implement a process (eg, on-site verification and / or documentary verification) to verify a complaint assessed as substantial by the organization, within two (2) months after receipt;

f) Determine the corrective action to be taken by the suppliers, as well as the means for the supplier to implement it, if the complaint was evaluated and verified as substantial. In the event that a corrective action cannot be determined and / or enforced, the organization shall exclude the material and / or suppliers;

g) Verify if the suppliers took corrective action and if it is effective; h) Excluding relevant material and suppliers from the organization's supply chain if corrective action is not taken;

h) Inform the complainant, the certification body and the relevant FSC national office about the results of the complaint and the actions that have been taken to resolve it and keep copies of the correspondence.

i) Register and file all the complaints that were received and the actions that were taken. You must have justification for sending this Acknowledgment of Receipt, which will be attached to the Part of Complaints / Suggestions

j) Contact details of the person or position dealing with complaints

Contact person:               Marta Vales (Responsable del Sistema)

Contact data:                  Autovía Coruña-Madrid, km.550

                                           Salida 549 – Montesalgueiro

                                           15317 - Aranga (A Coruña)

 Phone:                           981 789 716

 E-mail:                           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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