Discover what we excel in


Design and material selection

The manufacturing process starts with design and continues with the necessary technical specifications. At Puertas Vales, we can design any door you can imagine.

We use the best materials, as we take care to dry and treat the wood from the beginning to achieve a product of superior quality.



We have the capacity to handle the entire process from order reception to final delivery. This allows us to adapt 100% to the client’s instructions and meet their expectations.

We have made significant technological advancements in the manufacturing of our doors, coupled with a highly qualified team and meticulous attention to detail.


Distribution, tracking, and customer service

Our extensive network of distributors throughout the national territory ensures the care of the product until it reaches its final destination.

Furthermore, we accompany you throughout the process to achieve an optimal result.



We invest in innovation to adapt to an ever-evolving and increasingly demanding sector. We do this through our experts in quality and processes who work tirelessly to achieve excellence.

We also preserve the most traditional aspects that make our company unique in the market. We undergo a drying process to have total control over the wood in our product from the beginning, and we maintain the figure of carpenters for the most manual and exclusive tasks.